Dorothy Muccio

Raleigh, NC

Dorothy Muccio studied art in NYC at Art & Design H. S. and majored in Sculpture. Having a variety of creative interests, she spent many years as a photo retoucher, before the craft became computerized.

After a trip to the South of France in the ‘90s, Muccio experienced an artistic awakening, and found a new direction for expressing her creativity. Having never before painted, she began producing a sizable body of work.

Recently, Muccio has begun to combine her background in sculpture with abstract painting. She has begun to present work in natural, organic shapes with nature based themes to capture both the balance and serenity encountered in the natural world. She continues to experiment with large scale sculptural wall art – using found objects and creating sculptural bases from wire lathing and paper mache created from recycled shredded paper, using something old to create something new.

As life always presents new beginnings and opportunities, Muccio moved to Raleigh in 2015 in order to embrace and become directly involved with the art community of her new home.