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Dorian Monsalve

Raleigh, NC

Dorian Monsalve’s artwork consists of scratching away layers of colored ink. Using sharp knives, a fiber glass brush, steel wool and other tools, he reveals and creates highly detailed miniature dreamscapes. Dorian has been experimenting with this medium for 14 years, always challenging himself and bringing this medium “experimental scratchboard,” to a new level. He feels inspired and transported into an infinite surreal world full of bright colors, deep contrast, fantasy images, and miniature beings awaiting to be revealed.
As he continues experimenting and evolving with this medium, he becomes more aware of his own purpose in life: “To recognize oneself as a microcosmos and all living beings as one with the universe; to bring awareness of the collective consciousness through art as a healing tool, and to awaken by accepting and loving one another just as we are. I am one with the Universe, therefore creativity is infinite.”