Cindy Mott McGarry

Raleigh, NC


North Carolina artist, Cindy Mott McGarry, has been using oils to capture local landscapes, flora and seascapes since she first arrived to the state in 1988. Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, as a third generation artist, she was encouraged to paint from a young age. McGarry has always been mesmerized by the many beauties and fascinations of the colors and textures in our world. At six years old she began attending classes at the Cincinnati Museum of Art and her desire to create has continued throughout her life.

McGarry is a devoted student of impressionism and reflected light. Over the years she has participated in group exhibitions, travelling shows and has had solo exhibits in the area. Her paintings have been exhibited in the Capital Legislative Building offices and presently her paintings are in local businesses and in private collections across the country.

“With the brilliant sights and energies nature offers, I truly enjoy expressing what I experience in the world around us with color and movement. Communicating to others this inspiration with my imagination is an ongoing joy in creativity and sharing.” – Cindy Mott McGarry