Anna Vaughn Creech

Raleigh, NC

Anna Vaughn Creech is a Raleigh-based artist and designer, whose aesthetic is inspired by adventure and travel to foreign coastlines as much as it is influenced by art history. A free spirit at heart, Anna Vaughn has spent time living by the Pacific Ocean in Australia — two years full of camping on beaches and absorbing Aussie surf culture — before migrating back to her home state of North Carolina to relive her childhood memories of swimming, fishing and boating in the Atlantic Ocean.

Drawing from her undiluted appreciation for wide-open life near the coast, her series work freely explores the wildness of both land and sea. With a background in both design and fine art (BFA in Art from East Carolina University and career moves ranging from magazine publishing to stationery designer), Anna Vaughn incorporates a variegated and spontaneous style into her energetic and color-driven paintings.

When not in her studio, you can most likely find her down by the sea, soaking up inspiration, salt air and endless horizon lines.