Anitha Tisha


Anitha Tisha is a self taught oil painter. She was born and brought up in Kerala, the southern most state in India. Tisha started painting at the age of 14 in watercolors and with encouragement from her parents. At the the age of 21, Tisha was trained under an artist learning oil painting techniques.

Tisha’s work has been featured in several solo exhibitions and has received awards with venues including, Town of Cary (2010), Town of Memphis, City of Fort Lauderdale and in several Indian festivals. Tisha has been a member of the Cary Art League of NC, the Tennessee Art League and the Florida Art League.

Tisha paints realistic, abstract and fantasy works in oil. Using traditional methods, she begins her works by sketching with pencils on canvas. Her inspiration comes from her soul and her thoughts on peace and grace given by our super power. Tisha is known as an artist with a passion for the following themes: humanity, romance and nature. She is also inspired by beautiful rain, cloudy days, and the melodious beat of music and dance. Her goal is to convey the messages of love, hope, kindness and peace.