Upcoming Exhibitions



Nicole Simpkins, Summer Artist in Residence
Giving What Takes

Gallery One
Residency: July 2 – 27
Exhibition: August 2 – September 28

2019 Summer Artist in Residence Nicole Simpkins uses imagery of invasive plant species found in North Carolina as a visual metaphor of the gentrification that is choking out existing communities around us. Simpkins will use drawing and printmaking techniques to create a site-specific, interactive environment in Gallery One, which will be her primary studio for the month of July. During regular hours, visitors are encouraged to enter the space, meet Simpkins, and learn about her work. Additionally, Simpkins will be hosting several free workshops outside of Artspace to engage the community in her process.


Summer Arts Program

Gallery Two
June 17 – August 16
Youth Exhibition: Saturday August 24, 12:30 – 3pm

Join us for Artspace’s 30th year of hands-on summer camp!


Katie Shaw, Universal Access Artist in Residence

Upfront Gallery
Residency: April 29 – May 31
Exhibition: June 7 – 29

Katie Shaw is a Richmond-based artist whose abstract geometric work is influenced by textile design, scientific diagrams and architectural structures. Shaw is the first artist to participate in Artspace’s newly launched Universal Access Residency, which supports artists with disabilities.

McGuire_Casey_Terrestrial Apparatus Poised for Lights Out

Casey McGuire, Pop In Artist in Residence

Upfront Gallery
Residency: July 2 – 27
Exhibition: August 2 – 31

During July, Georgia-based artist, Casey McGuire will transform the Upfront Gallery into her studio. McGuire will engage with the Raleigh community to create a collective “dream home,” an installation project crafted from paper that will represent an idealized notion of community. McGuire will host a series of free workshops around Raleigh to gather ideas and data for this installation.