Upcoming Exhibitions


McIntosh, Aaron 19

Jasmine Best, Laura Little, Aaron McIntosh + Renzo Ortega
Dirty South

Gallery One
October 4 – November 30

This group exhibition explores aspects of Southern identity and experience that exist in the shadow of the stereotypical “South.” Using various lenses to explore Southern identity including, Queer culture, mestizaje, kitsch, and blackness, these artists present a rich and messy look at contemporary Southern life.


Suzanne Dittenber
Momentary Memorial

October 4 – 26

Using painted sculptures and videos projected on sculptural forms, Suzanne Dittenber explores her interest in re-casting the beauty of printed ephemera, from magazines to books.


Coulter Fussell + Antonia Perez

Gallery Two
November 1 – December 28

Alabama-based quilter, Coulter Fussell and New York-based mixed media artist, Antonia Perez explore the notion of the heirloom through textile based techniques. Fussell applies a modernist aesthetic to traditional Southern quilting and dying techniques. Perez,  crochets monumental scale objects out of plastic bags. Both artists push the boundary of tradition and innovation to redefine what an heirloom can be.

Browning- Meteoric

Ashlynn Browning

November 1 – 30

In this series of paintings, Ashlynn Browning confronted decade old works that she then scraped down and completely reworked, reflecting on time, change, and reinvention.


Fine Contemporary Craft

Gallery One
December 6 – February 1

This biennial national exhibition is a celebration of the spirit of tradition and innovation found throughout contemporary craft in the United States. Juried by Mia Hall, Executive Director of Penland School of Craft.


Neighbor to Neighbor
Disposable Diaries

December 6 – 28

The culmination of local photographers and mentors Caitlin Penna, Jade Wilson, and Taylor McDonald’s collaboration with Neighbor to Neighbor, in which youth documented and shared their lives through photography.