Upfront Gallery & Lobby

Holly Fischer
Come Closer
Upfront Gallery

March 3 – 25, 2017

First Friday Gallery Walk:
March 3, 2017

Holly Fischer, Entrap, clay

Holly Fischer was born in Missoula, Montana, the first child of creative and resourceful parents cultivating their personal forms of artistic expression as part of the back-to-the-land movement of the 70s. Growing up with a skilled woodworker as a father and an accomplished fiber artist as a mother provided Fischer with the tools to foster her own creativity at a very young age. Art is a second language for Fischer; it is a conduit for self-discovery and a means for processing and conveying internal conflicts arising from pressure to conform to gender norms and culturally standardized concepts of beauty. Fischer is known for her abstracted figurative sculptures in white clay that celebrate voluptuous flesh. These works explore dualities inherent in femininity and the spaces in-between perception and reality. Currently residing with her husband in Raleigh, NC, Fischer teaches at Meredith College where she is a passionate mentor and derives great joy from the opportunity to help emerging artists discover their own creative voice. She exhibits regularly throughout the southeast.

Jeff Bell & Megan Sullivan, detail of installation Project Reject is Underway in Artspace’s Lobby.

Jeff Bell & Megan Sullivan (Notary Public)
Project Reject Is Underway

March 3 – May 27, 2017

First Friday Gallery Walks:
March 3, April 7, & May 5, 2017

Site-Specific Installation:
Tedd Anderson

Davie St Entrance

Tedd Anderson’s mural features the iconic “dry space” characters for which the artist is known set in a landscape filled with swirling, topographic lines, jagged edges, and meditative objects and shapes. A banner with a poem scrawled on its surface runs through the piece, bringing the imagery into a cohesive whole.