Upfront Gallery & Lobby

Katie Shaw, Universal Access Artist in Residence

Upfront Gallery
Residency: April 29 – May 31
Exhibition: June 7 – 29

First Friday Gallery Walks:
May 3 + June 7 | 6-10pm

Artist Talk + Tour:
Sat June 8 | 12pm

exhibitimgsKatie Shaw, Cleft, detail

Katie Shaw is a Richmond-based artist whose abstract geometric work is influenced by textile design, scientific diagrams and architectural structures. Shaw is the first artist to participate in Artspace’s newly launched Universal Access Residency, which supports artists with disabilities. We recently sat down with Katie and talked with her about her work, upcoming residency and more. Read the full interview here.

Artspace is committed to ensuring the arts are accessible to everyone. In 2019, we launched the Universal Access Residency. This residency was made possible through the actions of our Operations + Finance Manager, Megan Sullivan. In 2018, Sullivan received The Betty Siegel Universal Access & the Arts Award; the award recognizes the substantial achievements of Arts Learning Community for Universal Access members who complete all three years of the program. Sullivan chose to use the grant included as part of the award to fill a need in our community for an artist residency exclusive to artists who identify as having a disability. The Universal Access Residency was designed to be flexible and can be easily modified to accommodate different disabilities.


Site-Specific Installation:
Tedd Anderson

Davie St Entrance

Tedd Anderson’s mural features the iconic “dry space” characters for which the artist is known set in a landscape filled with swirling, topographic lines, jagged edges, and meditative objects and shapes. A banner with a poem scrawled on its surface runs through the piece, bringing the imagery into a cohesive whole.