Gallery Two

Andrew Kozlowski

Dark Days
September 6 – October 26

First Fridays, 6 – 10pm 
September 6 + October 4

Artist Talk + Papermaking Workshop
October 26, 12-2pm

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Andrew Kozlowski

Andrew Kozlowski’s large scale installation of brightly-colored printed objects points to the material culture in which we live. The exhibition will close with a papermaking workshop.

Artist Statement

I find the provenance of the objects we hold in our hands a fascinating reminder that history has always been constructed from what has survived, through careful planning, accidental circumstance, or willful evolution. Through my work I carve a wide path of questions, calling to question those objects that ultimately define our cultures and our histories. The items depicted are stand ins for daily activities, relics from travels, debris found underfoot, and representations of news stories that rise and fall with each new cycle.

Throughout 2017, I collected images from stories that populated my social media feeds, weaving them into a series of prints collectively titled Dark Days, a record of a particularly tumultuous year.

An Ariana Grande fan’s fuzzy bunny ears are a memento of a terrorist attack at a concert in London in May and float among medicinal herbs as the United States debated the repeal of the ACA. A rhino shot by poachers in a zoo in France in March lingers among images of wire tapped phones, and a prototype space suit for a Mars space mission.

These compositions reflect a fractured modern space, where world altering events are not afforded more than a few moments before the feed is refreshed and another story begins to trend. As contested spaces, these images compete for their place in history, ultimately having their impact written and rewritten as the pace of each new story replaces the last. They are reminders that the past is equal parts remembered and forgotten, and that monuments and museums are perhaps better viewed as representations of their makers than as static moments of history.

Andrew Kozlowski is an artist and teacher who has been living and working in the southeast for over a decade. He received his MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2007 and his BFA in printmaking from Tyler School of Art, Temple University in 2003. His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions throughout the United States and abroad, including solo exhibitions at the duPont Gallery at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg VA, 1708 Gallery in Richmond VA, and the Philadelphia Print Center in Philadelphia PA. In 2009 he completed a residency at the Frans Masereel Center in Belgium and was awarded 2011-2012 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship for his work in printmaking.

He currently lives and works in Jacksonville Florida.

Andrew Kozlowski