Gallery One


Martha Petty, The Cost of Childhood

Triangle Book Arts Group

January 26 – March 3, 2018
Guest Curated by Janet Guertin

First Friday Gallery Walks:
February 2, March 2 | 6-10pm

Book Arts Demo with members of the Triangle Book Arts Group: 
Saturday February 17 | 11am-1pm


 Betty Haskin

The Triangle Book Arts Group represents a diverse array of artists whole explore and expand the idea of books as art objects through high levels of craftsmanship, innovative techniques and imaginative forms. For this exhibition, the 32 participating artists challenged themselves to use found materials. This will be the group’s first exhibition in a dedicated gallery space.

Featured Works

Kathy Bayard, Our Solar System

Kathy Baynard, France Travel Journal

Patrick Beggs, warmth of friends

Mary Beth Boone, Harbingers of Hope

Mary Beth Boone, The Lesson

Charles Cave, Workers & Worms

Charles Cave, La Sombra vs. Volador

Elisabeth Effron, The places we’ve been. The places we’ll go. #1-6

Elisabeth Effron, Talking.

Lisa Gilbert, Inspiration / Expiration

Lisa Gilbert, Re: Secrets to Life

Steve Godwin, Birds on a Wire

Steve Godwin, Odes

Beth Grabowski, Dictionary (Residu)

Beth Grabowski, Dictionary (Um)

Janet Guertin, There’s No Place Like Home

Janet Guertin, Living Abundantly

Robin Harper, The Old South

Betty Haskin, Security – Black

Betty Haskin, Security – Blue

Delia Ware Keefe, Impermanence

Delia Ware Keefe, Swimming Upstream

Paul Keene, Serenissima

Paul Keene, Junk Mail

Susan Leeb, Catalogue of Nostalgia

Barbara Gilchrist Livingston, OUT of His Gourd!

Barbara Gilchrist Livingston, Renovating the Library

Barbara Gilchrest Livingston, A Triangle Collaborative

Betty Martinez, Pump it Up

Carolyn Maynard

Laurie O’Neill, First, the Seed

Dana Palmer, Self Help

Martha Petty, TheArc of the Moral Universe

Martha Petty, The Cost of Childhood

Audrey Pinto, Pursing a Book

Melinda Rittenhouse, ABC’s of Fashion

Steven Silverleaf, Sketch Book from found book

Steven Silverleaf, Totem Book

Helen Spielman, Coffee Book

Kathy Steinsberger, East:West

Debbie Suchoff, Assorted Chocolate Memories or I Smell Chocolate – Must Means Rain

Debbie Suchoff, OPEN BOOK: Collaboration Warp and Weft

Gwen Van Ark, Ridgeback

Gwen Van Ark, Collective

Mary Yordy, Key to Life

Mary Yordy, Lost River

Andrea Zietlow, Trump Tower

Andrea Zietlow, 45

Gwen Van Ark, Ridgeback

Mary Yordy, Key to Life