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Gallery 1


Pete Sack, Thought Patterns (filled up with noise)


Tim Lytvinenko + Pete Sack

Forgetting is Easy The Remembering is What Hurts
March 5 – April 17, 2021

The human figure is among the oldest and most celebrated subjects of artistic expression. As viewers, we immediately connect with human subjects in part because every person is a reflection of our own humanity and by extension our understanding of our individual selves. Raleigh-based artists, Tim Lytvinenko and Pete Sack use portraiture to explore human emotion, identity and memory. Additionally, both artists use distortion to universalize their subjects, and to heighten the sense of complexity of human experience across space and time. 

Blurring the line between painting and photography, Lytvinenko’s photographic process mimics his conceptual framework. Photographs of his subjects are both digitally and physically manipulated in the printing process. Colors are adjusted to heighten their unique printing capabilities, however, the process of transferring the wet ink onto canvas creates effects beyond the artist’s control. This dance between exercising and relinquishing control mirrors the ways in which we experience and remember the world. 

Pete Sack begins his process through a naturalistic rendering of his subject in watercolor, then creates layers of texture through the application of collage, paint, and reductive patterns. The result is an unsettling effect in which the often formal subjects assume fluid emotional states that shift within the picture plane. This effect works to challenge the notion that portraiture captures the essence of a singular individual, and instead celebrates its ability to connect us all through the complexity of our lived experience. 



Tim Lytvinenko, Limit Approaching Chaos

TIM LYTVINENKO is a photographer and printmaker. With a background in computer science and 15 years as a fine art and documentary photographer, Lytvinenko explores ideas of what it means to be human. Experimenting heavily with print processes and manipulating digital photographs, Lytvinenko creates emotional and detailed multi-media works on the subject of self. His recent work can be seen across the Raleigh skyline on the 66-foot-tall facade of The Dillon, at the 21c Hotel in Durham, and in private collections across the East coast and the South.

PETE SACK started his art career at an early age, creating watercolor paintings of baseball players from photos out of magazines. He continued his artistic development at East Carolina University, where he graduated with a BFA in Painting in 1998. While there, Sack was introduced to oil paint and has had a loving relationship with the medium ever since. Presently residing in Raleigh, NC, Sack has combined his love of oil paint and watercolor by creating paintings with both mediums. He is currently represented by The Mahler Fine Art in Raleigh and shows regularly in Raleigh and at other venues around the area.