Gallery One

Detail of War Junkie, Folleh Tamba

Trish Brownlee, Alicia Dietz, Folleh Tamba
Art of War

March 16 – May 12, 2018

First Friday Gallery Walks:
April 6, May 4 | 6-10pm

Exhibition sponsored by Hargett Place + Paragon Bank.

Each of these artists explores aspects of contemporary military experience. Through video, photography and sculpture the viewer is able to better understand the nuanced and complex realities of military life.

Trish Brownlee

Trish Brownlee

Trish Brownlee earned her Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2015, and her Bachelors of Arts in Visual Arts from Fayetteville State University in 2012. She currently teaches visual art at the Capitol Encore Academy. Trish was recently recognized as an awardee for Fayetteville 40 under 40 for leadership. Trish is a 2016 & 2013 recipient of the Regional Artist Grant from the Arts Council of Cumberland County. Trish attended the 2015 Penland School of Crafts winter residency in papermaking, and served as Artist-in-Residence at Cape Fear Botanical Garden in the Summers of 2017 and 2018-0.

Trish is a military veteran and former military photographer, and is the spouse of a disabled, combat veteran. After studying the history of art in war and the uses of art in veteran treatment programs during her master’s program, Trish is now using art as tool for veteran advocacy. In 2016, Trish launched Breaking Rag: A Veteran, Family & Community Art Project in Fort Bragg and surrounding communities. Breaking Rag is veteran, family and community art project, focusing on making handmade paper from military uniforms in an open forum, creating a safe space for storytelling and sharing of the veteran experience through the arts. For more information:

Alicia Dietz

Alicia Dietz

After a ten-year career as an officer and Blackhawk Helicopter Maintenance Test Pilot in the U.S. Army, Alicia Dietz earned her MFA in Craft and Material Studies at VCU. She also earned a BSJ in Advertising/Journalism from Ohio University and two Woodworking and Furniture Making Degrees from Vermont Woodworking School. Her current body of work evolves from the navigation of her intersection between the structure and camaraderie of her previous military life and the instability, vulnerability, and search for purpose in her new civilian one.

Dietz flew combat and peace keeping missions in Iraq and has been stationed all over the world, including Germany, Alaska, and Egypt. She has accumulated many sources of inspiration from her years traveling and meeting a variety of people across the globe. As a woman, a soldier, and a dreamer, she has many experiences to draw from, and uses those experiences to fuel her works of art. Dietz employs a variety of media and techniques to include image transfers, encaustics, and glass to enhance her wood work.

Folleh S. Tamba

Folleh S. Tamba was born in Chicago and raised in Sierra Leone by his grandmother. His parents were living and working in Liberia in1990 when the Liberian Civil War abruptly disrupted their lives. As a result, Folleh and his family became refugees and immigrated to America in 1995. Even as a young child, Folleh had a passion for visual arts, storytelling, film, and video. He obtained a BA in Film and Video Production from Columbia College (2000) and a BA in Justice Studies from Northeastern Illinois University (2008). He also holds a MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Media (2014) from Columbia College.

Folleh’s appreciation for America and his respect for the United States Marines, who helped end the Liberian war, prompted him to enlist in the Corps in the summer of 2003. He was awarded a Purple Heart (2004) after being wounded in combat in Iraq. Folleh’s film “The Line of Departure” was picked up by A & E. In 2014, HillVets recognized Folleh as one of the most 100 influential and impactful veterans.

As a filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist, Folleh’s collection of triggered memories, life reactions, interactions, and nightmares are processed, distilled, and morphed into narrative texts, nonfiction films, two-channel videos, audio installations, drawings, paintings, and sculptures.