Gala Artists

Thank You to Our Artists

Thank you to the talented artists who contribute their work to the Artspace Collectors Gala. We are grateful for their talent and contributions to our vibrant creative community. Click on an artist below to learn more about them and their work.

2017 Donating Artists

Jillian Ohl
Addison Paige
Constance Pappalardo
Leslie Pearson
Anna Podris
David Politzer
Oami Powers
Leslie Pruneau
Eric Raddatz
Chelsea Raflo
Bob Rankin
Joe Ransmeier
John Ransmeier
Luna Lee Ray
Sean Yseult Reynolds
Summer Rezeli
Debbie Robbins
Dianne Rodwell
Dawn Marie Rozzo
Pete Sack
Pam Shank
Natacha Sochat
Susan Soper
Damian Stamer
Mary Storms
Megan Sullivan
Chandler Thomas
William Paul Thomas
Derek Toomes
Ollie Wagner
Sarah West
Lamar Whidbee
Inge Wright
Gesche Würfel