Classes for Ages 5-7

Kids Summer Art Classes for Ages 5-7

Lower Elementary classes are only offered in the AM, 9am-12pm.


SESSION 1: June 11-15

Egyptian Art new
Instructor: Tara Kernan

Hieroglyphs, temple cats, clay scarabs and life-sized paintings! Young artists will go on an art expedition to explore painting, sculpture, jewelry making and more. Come learn about the art of Ancient Egypt and create your own treasured masterpieces!


SESSION 2: June 18-22

A Big Colorful Mess
Instructor: Sarah Harris

Come make a creative mess! All the projects you’d love for your child to experience, with none of the clean up. From big paintings to squishy sculptures, your kids will experience art making in its purest and messiest form!


SESSION 3: June 25-29

Meet the Artists! new
Instructor: Sonya Drum

In this fun and informative class, young artists will discover the life and works of some of the world’s most famous artists while creating their own “inspired-by” masterpieces. From Matisse to O’ Keeffe, this course is a journey through art history as well as a primer for collage, painting, and sculpture skills and techniques. Make your masterpiece!


SESSION 4: July 9-13

My Favorite Color is Rainbow  new
Instructor: Tara Kernan

What is your favorite color? How can we make it? In this fun filled class, we’ll learn all about color magic, color changing creatures, rainbows and more. We’ll paint with bubbles, with straws, with paintbrushes and light! Daily projects will lead to a favorite color masterpiece!


SESSION 5: July 16-20

Dancing Paintbrushes  new
Instructor: Sarah Harris

Just like a dancer moving across the stage, your paintbrush dances across the canvas! Stretch to show us your biggest brushstrokes, sing us a song about your favorite colors! Paint and draw your musical masterpieces in this fun, movement filled class.


SESSION 6: July 23-27

Let’s Paint!  new
Instructor: Ellen Hathaway

Every day will be a new art adventure as students explore their senses and develop their artistic motor skills. We’ll be asking: “What happens if…?” and trying out different ways to make our art answer the question! This fun and gentle class will be full of exploration and creativity, painting, drawing and art storytimes.


SESSION 7: July 30-August 3

Mini Monsters  new
Instructor: Gretchen Phillips

If you love to draw, cut, paint, sculpt, and have an active imagination, then this class is for you! We will be making monsters and creatures out of a wide variety of materials for a week of messy fun. Students will make monster sock puppets, sculpt monsters, paint monsters, and on the last day even transform themselves into monsters!



SESSION 8: August 6-10

Bugs, Birds and Caterpillars: The Art of Eric Carle  new
Instructor: TBD

Students will explore colors, movement and texture in art as they create their own interpretations of Eric Carle’s famed illustrations. Students will experiment with painting techniques to create painted papers and transform them into colorful Eric Carle inspired animals, landscapes, and still life collages.