Classes for Ages 11-16

Kids Summer Art Classes for Ages 11-16

Classes in this category are appropriate for anyone in middle or high school – please call 919.821.2787 for more information if you are curious which classes would be best suited to your child. 


SESSION 1: June 11-15

MORNING, 9am-12noon

Weave it Wild: Woven Animals
Instructor: Jan French

Learn all about loom weaving and weave your own creature! We will build a working loom using familiar materials, learn how to set it up and then weave with colorful yarns and scrap fibers. With some tugs and knots we will then magically transform your flat weaving sample into an animal of your choice.  No prior weaving experience necessary.


Hand Drawn Animation new
Instructor: Chelsea Raflo
ages 13-16

If you’ve ever been mesmerized by an animated loop, if you love the dreamy, retro aesthetic of old-school Disney movies, or the magical quality of flipbooks, this is the class for you! This workshop will introduce students to the process of traditional hand animation using sequential drawings, the cel technique, collaged imagery, and the stop-motion photography process.



Modern Brush Lettering
Instructor: Kerr Pelto

Imagine making your favorite quotes part of your artwork. Using fun, colorful brush markers, explore the style of calligraphy which is showing up as the text in all of your favorite quotes right now. Learn letterforms based on the Italic Hand and in no time at all you’ll be making cards, posters and signs that everyone will love!


Maximized: Large Scale Drawing  new
Instructor: Julie Niskanen Skolozynski

Come explore the power of working large. There is a different presence behind an image that is larger than life and overpowers the viewer. By changing the scale and enlarging objects, they take on new meanings. In this workshop we will create several large-scale drawings using traditional charcoal techniques and white charcoal on black paper.


SESSION 2: June 18-22


MORNING, 9am-12noon

Drawing in Color 
Instructor: Dawn Valentino

This class will explore drawing and color. First we will delve into color theory and then we will put it to work. We will learn how to create a sense of depth and use complementary colors to create contrast for dramatic effect. Layering color to create rich, complex areas in our drawings, we will create a variety of exciting, bold and colorful drawings throughout the week!


Into to Oil Painting  
Instructor: Andie Freeman
ages 13-16

Oil paint is a medium which has entranced artists since the 13th century because of its richness of color, long-lasting durability and it’s opportunity for variation of application and style. In this class, the basics of oil painting will be covered, starting with materials, safe studio practices and full demos of an array of painting techniques. Students will have the opportunity to bring in images of their choice for source material to complete their own oil paintings on canvas.



Bizarre Botany new
Instructor: Gabriella Corter

The plant world is fertile ground for artists’ imaginations. Each day, explore a different unusually-inspiring plant in a new medium: students will be drawing, painting, using batik and casting in plaster. Through observation and experimentation, students will finish the class with a naturalist’s eye for botany’s wonderful weirdness.


Painting Landscapes: Inspired by Nature  new
Instructor: Dawn Valentino

What kind of vista inspires you? Maybe you love the mountains or a desert aesthetic appeals to you more. Learn how to use color, perspective and various painting techniques to capture your favorite landscapes. This class will help you complete beautiful finished paintings on canvas that will be powerful pieces for your art portfolio.


SESSION 3: June 25-29


MORNING, 9am-12noon

Visual Journalling
Instructor: Gretchen Phillips

Do you love drawing but need some fresh ideas? Students will receive a new sketchbook and learn lots of different approaches towards drawing, doodling, designing, and collage as they create daily masterpieces using their life experiences.


Contemporary Embroidery: Painting with Thread  new
Instructor: Emily Bateman
Ages 11-16 

Join the growing number of contemporary artists using embroidery to create their art! Learn how to use needle and thread to create a needle painting inspired by the beauty of nature. Students will learn how to use a satin stitch and split stitch to create the illusion of 3D forms with a combination of value, texture, and color.



Anime Art 
Instructor: David Anyanwu

Do you love anime? Have you always wanted to take your drawings to the next level? Work to uncover your hidden talents as you gather inspiration from your favorite anime artists and create your own portfolio of new characters.


Mural Arts: The Mexican Tradition new
Instructor: Peter Marin

Create a lasting piece of public art in the style of the great Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros.  Explore the traditions of Mexican mural art that extends from the Olmec civilization to today. The class will work collaboratively to conceive, plan, design and paint their mural on an exterior wall of Artspace.   


SESSION 4: July 9-13


MORNING, 9am-12noon

Sculpture: Wire Abstractions  new
Instructor: Kelly Murray

In this class we will explore abstraction by creating closed and open volumes in which we weave or wrap materials together. We will work with wire, and wire mesh to create forms. The forms will be intuitively developed but based on study of various natural objects and form. Students will complete several finished sculptures.


Urban Sketching 
Instructor: Scott Renk

Embark on a hands-on journey into the world of urban sketching. Students will gain knowledge of urban sketching techniques and concepts, as well as learn experimental methods to find stories in the places we take for granted. The class will sketch on location around the Artspace/Moore Square area using a variety of media such as pen, ink, watercolor, rubbings of gravel and asphalt, etc.



Watercolors: Go with the Flow  new
Instructor: Ryan Fox

Turn your old notions of watercolor upside down. Begin with the basics to explore numerous techniques in watercolor painting such as wet into wet painting, charging color, intentional water blossoms, scraping, spattering, and adding texture to your paintings. Students will complete numerous paintings during this week-long class.


Ceramics: Fused Glass Vessels 
Instructor: Lisa Pearce

Students will develop strong hand building skills in slab and coil construction in clay with an emphasis on creativity and craftsmanship. Using glass, texture and glaze, students will enhance the surface of these forms for functional, usable objects.


SESSION 5: July 16-20


MORNING, 9am-12noon

Painted Collage: Visual Identities  new
Instructor: Sharon DiGiulio

This course explores storytelling, identity, and community while using paint and other mixed media as a form of expression. We often identify with certain images and aesthetics, but what happens when we create those images ourselves? Inspired by artists such as Romare Bearden and Nina Chanel Abney, students will create pieces that move the eye as well as the soul.


Photography: Create Your Artistic Vision  new
Instructor: Slater Mapp
Ages 11-16

Develop your confidence and discover your individual artistic vision as a photographer by creating art and photography in and out of the building. Navigate with your classmates through different genres such as interiors, still life, portraiture and cityscapes. All levels of experience are encouraged to attend this highly individualized and growth-oriented class, just bring your cameras.



Printmaking: Intro to Letterpress  new
Instructor: Susan Soper

Bring your imaginations! Learn how to set type the old fashioned way as you experiment with combining your handmade stencils, lettering, designed borders and relief prints. You will learn how to set wooden type, dingbats, and print on a Letterpress Proof Press. Type will be incorporated into a dingbat Cootie Catcher and at the end of the week you will have a portfolio book of your letterpress prints!


Anime Art: Advanced  new
Instructor: David Anyanwu

If you have previously taken Anime classes, this is your chance to go beyond the basics!  Take the skills you have learned and delve more deeply into the world of character creation, line work, shading and coloring as well as the completion of a full page illustration with a developed background.


SESSION 6: July 23-27


MORNING, 9am-12noon

Use Your Words: Manipulated Images + Text  new
Instructor: Anne Dirilgen

In this graphic arts course, students will learn how to make works on paper where text plays a starring role. Create collages and prints using image transfers, old books, vintage maps, linoleum printing, monoprinting, paint and more. Inspired by the work of Robert Rauschenberg, students will combine diverse elements into art that is uniquely their own.

Image: Robert Rauschenberg, Untitled, 1954 Combine: oil, newspaper, and printed reproduction on canvas 11 5⁄8 x 13 3⁄4 inches, detail. Private collection.


Intro to Figure Drawing
Instructor: Alia El-Bermani

Working with a clothed live model, you will develop an understanding of proper proportions, structure and basic human anatomy. Fundamental principles of drawing such as line and tone will also be discussed and demonstrated. This class is designed to strengthen your drawing ability whether you are an absolute beginner or a more advanced student.



Lost + Found: Reclaimed Fibers  new
Instructor: Emily Howard

Have you ever heard “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure?” We will take that saying to heart in this class, by reusing and recycling fabrics and found objects to make 2 and 3-dimensional artworks. Weaving, collage and assemblage will be utilized to create masterpieces during the week. There will also be a focus on experimenting with natural processes in textile art, like tea dyeing and rusting.


Drawing Essentials
Instructor: Julie Niskanen Skoloynski

Learn how to draw from observation, so you can accurately translate what you see to paper or canvas. We will learn about composition, shape, elements of light, shading, and perspective while exploring various drawing media. Inspiration will come from still lifes, found objects, nature, photographs, and buildings in downtown Raleigh.


SESSION 7: July 30-August 3


MORNING, 9am-12noon

Dream Painting: Surrealism new
Instructor: Anna Podris
Ages 11-16

Surrealist painters captured the rich imagery of the unconscious, painting dreamscapes and constructing impossible creatures to inhabit them. Students will do drawing and painting projects based on the work of surrealist artists from Dali to Kahlo. Dive into your subconscious and share the amazing imagery you find there.

SOLD OUT, Waitlist Available


Ceramics: Beginner Wheel Throwing  new
Instructor: Anne Dirilgen
ages 13-16, class limit 12

Did you ever want to learn how to use a potter’s wheel? Well, here is your chance! In this week-long course, you will learn to make cylinders and bowls on the wheel as well as do some handbuilding. By the end of the week each student should have 2-3 vessels both wheel thrown and hand built.

SOLD OUT, Waitlist Available



Watercolor: Pouring Techniques new
Instructor: Ryan Fox

Come learn how pouring diluted watercolor directly onto paper creates colors and amazing blending effects! We’ll approach each painting with an emphasis on design and planning. Through instructor demos, you’ll learn about masking, wetting techniques, using gravity to mix your limited palette, and preserving the transparency of your layers.  Students are welcome to bring their own reference material, or choose from the instructor’s images!

SOLD OUT, Waitlist Available

Wearable Art: Fashion Design Freestyle new
Instructor: Sonya Drum
Ages 11-16

Develop your own unique style of couture using recycled materials. From fashion accessories to costume pieces, students choose their creative path using fabric modification techniques to create wearable works of art.  Learn the basics of fashion rendering, no sewing experience necessary. Out of the box thinkers encouraged.

SOLD OUT, Waitlist Available


SESSION 8: August 6-10


MORNING, 9am-12noon

Portrait Drawing  new
Instructor: Alia El-Bermani
class limit 12

Learn how to capture a likeness by drawing from the live model. You will develop a deep understanding of proper proportions, structure and basic anatomy.  We will use multiple drawing techniques to represent the portrait. This class will strengthen your ability and understanding of the human head whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced student.



Painting: Developing Your Style!  new
Instructor: Peter Marin
ages 11-16

Thinking like an artist produces art. This course invites you to challenge your assumptions and understanding of art. Learn from art history and contemporary culture to explore the creative strategies of artists. Gain a better understanding of the art we see and complete a painting of your own based on your findings.




Book Arts: Sketchbooks as an Art Form
Instructor: Anna Podris

An artist’s sketchbook represents a place of freedom from judgement, a place that ideas are born. Students will construct their own Coptic style sketchbook, either creating their own book covers or recycling vintage book covers. We will push the boundaries of sketchbooks by not only drawing, but gluing, cutting and customizing in every way imaginable.



Drawing with a Brush: Ink Art  new
Instructor: Julie Niskanen Skolyzynski

Yes – you can draw with a paintbrush! This workshop explores the beauty, detail, delicacy, and even boldness of pen & ink drawings. Inkwash, a beautiful technique of drawing that was a favorite of the Renaissance masters, will also be explored. Expand your artistic vocabulary and portfolio with this unique class.