Community Outreach

Recognizing the need and opportunity to support the positive growth of the neighborhood that we have been a part of for 25 years, the Artspace Outreach Program began in the fall of 2001 to fill the community’s need for constructive opportunities for Raleigh’s underserved youth. Through the Artspace Outreach Program, Artspace aims to give participants a voice through their artwork – providing them with the language of art through which they can express their thoughts and ideas, and share them with the community. With this as its foundation, the Artspace Outreach Program combines the expertise of an established, award-winning arts facility with social service organizations to provide art programming to children and adults in difficult circumstances.

During the Fall and Winter of 2011, teaching artists Tanya Casteel and Mimi Herman 5th grade students at Hope Elementary School through the creation of a large photographic mobile that integrated visual arts, science, and language arts curricula. Casteel focused on the art and science components, helping students learn how to use digital cameras to document examples of composers, decomposers, and consumers in the world around them as well as in the collection of the NC State Museum of Natural Sciences. Herman’s intensive writing program helped children express themselves through the written word, creating related poems that were then integrated into the mobile.

Artspace will work with fourth graders this Spring at Hope Elementary, integrating visual arts, language arts, and social studies curricula.