Current Regional Emerging Artists in Residence

As of July 2012, Artspace is pleased to have expanded our Regional Emerging Artist in Residence Program and now offer two residencies every six months, four each year. The Regional Emerging Artist Residency provides emerging, Southeastern-based artists with six months of free studio space at Artspace, culminating in an exhibition and gallery talk.

For more information on the Regional Emerging Artist Residency Program or to apply please visit our Artist Opportunities page on the Regional Emerging Artist Residency Program. Applications are due twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

Current Residents

Davis Choun, Pins 5mixed media assemblage, 6 x 8 in


Davis Choun

Regional Emerging Artist in Residence
Studio 215A
January-July 2017

Davis Choun begins his residency at Artspace after graduating from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Art + Design degree. He is drawn to Artspace by the way each artist makes their studio their own yet manages to not only interact with, but integrate themselves into the community here. About the residency, Choun states: “I am inspired by authenticity and I strive to display something that is definite and that exhibits legitimacy.”

Artist Statement:
Currently focusing on the Pins(clothespins) series, my work has a uniqueness that would do well in a residency setting. My process creating them is simple and concise, with an occasional moment of consistent repetition. I tend to have a laborious relationship with my work and I dream of large room-scale installations in galleries or storefronts. However, the more ambition I have, the more pieces I will need and the consistent repetition involved in attaching each piece to the backing board is expressed visually in the undulating rhythm created by the burned clothespins.


Megan Bostic, Family Portrait, stiffened tissues, wax, oil pastels, 24 x 26 x 12 in


Megan Bostic

Regional Emerging Artist in Residence
Studio 215B
January-July 2017

Megan Bostic earned her Masters of Art + Design in Fibers & Surface Design from North Carolina State University. Through this residency at Artspace, she looks forward to having a public discussion about her work and platform from which to spark conversations about the meaning behind it.

Artist Statement:
The heaviness of certain emotions and experiences are difficult to give words to and seem to elude verbal expression. The process of creating something visual and tangible allows me to sort through the experiences, find meaning in them and offer that meaning to viewers. In my work, I strive to evoke empathy and a shared understanding of loss—we’ve all experienced loss in some way. I put my work into the community with the intention of increasing the conversation that surrounds death, grief and loss.