Regional Emerging Artists in Residence

As of July 2012, Artspace is pleased to have expanded our Regional Emerging Artist in Residence Program and now offer two residencies every six months, four each year. The Regional Emerging Artist Residency provides emerging, Southeastern-based artists with six months of free studio space at Artspace, culminating in an exhibition and gallery talk.

For more information on the Regional Emerging Artist Residency Program or to apply please visit our Artist Opportunities page on the Regional Emerging Artist Residency Program. Applications are due twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

Miranda Reichhardt, Regional Emerging Artist in Residence
Studio 215a

July – December 2019

Miranda Reichhardt received her MFA from UNC-Greensboro. She has been a Gallery Assistant and a Camp Drawing and Painting Instructor at LibertyTown Arts Workshop, Fredericksburg, VA. Recent exhibitions include: Wants, Palms, and Pits: MFA Thesis ExhibitionRecurrent Elements; and Drawing Marathon Exhibition all at the Greensboro Project Space, Greensboro, NC, and UNCG MFA Thesis Exhibition at Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, NC.

Artist Statement

Through my work, I seek to explore the poetics of self, trauma, gender, shame, and sexuality; of figure existing within the facets of voided worldspace. In such spaces, I am concerned with figural agency (or a lack thereof), the potentials of text as intimate verse or illuminating title, and how the self-portrait might ultimately function as surrogate to self. Such seemingly private explorations are considered with melancholic yearning, contradictory notions of openness, and potentially anguished ha-ha-has, ultimately manifesting as unfurled banner—raw, symbolic, and proclaiming.

I continue pushing and defining my own visual limits of dreamlike void and the unexpected play of characters and objects within it. Through this line of inquiry, I aim to further consider the symbolic and visual spectrum of nuance versus obviousness—how these tensions might inform the roles of humor, yearning, or emotion in my work. How can sorrow be absurd—how can it be fuzzy? What are the rules of my fabricated worlds? And am I the queen of my own anthill?


Lakeshia Reid, Regional Emerging Artist in Residence
Studio 215

July – December 2019

Lakeshia Reid earned her BS in Graphic Design from Elizabeth City State University. Her work has been exhibited at VAE Raleigh, Artspace, Durham Art Guild, Imurj, and more.

Artist Statement

As a first generation American, self-taught artist and black woman, I have always felt a tension between my cultural heritage and the desire to belong. Over time I realized that the dissonance I felt was not actually a hindrance but a gift. My identity is not fixed. As more labels are added, the lenses through which I view my life adapt, and I become more enriched and thus better able to share my perspective and insight.

This work offers interpretations of #BlackGirlMagic – a phrase/movement that celebrates positive messages and images of black women, with a nod to the fantastical. Through the duality of abstraction and representation, I juxtapose women of various demeanors with colorful layers of ornamentation and texture. In this context, I explore their identities, and my own, while crossing a conceptual threshold. I feel this work is important for Raleigh  and those like me who didn’t see themselves being reflected in art growing up.



Residencies sponsored by Duke Energy 

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