Current Regional Emerging Artists in Residence

As of July 2012, Artspace is pleased to have expanded our Regional Emerging Artist in Residence Program and now offer two residencies every six months, four each year. The Regional Emerging Artist Residency provides emerging, Southeastern-based artists with six months of free studio space at Artspace, culminating in an exhibition and gallery talk.

For more information on the Regional Emerging Artist Residency Program or to apply please visit our Artist Opportunities page on the Regional Emerging Artist Residency Program. Applications are due twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

Current Residents

Julia Caston, Trophy for Dave MacGregor


Julia Caston

Regional Emerging Artist in Residence
Studio 215
January-July 2018

Julia Caston recently participated in the Franconia Sculpture Park Outdoor Exhibition Program. Past residencies include Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, Nebraska City, NE; Inverness County Centre for the Arts Residency, Inverness, Nova Scotia; and Franconia Sculpture Park Intern Artist Residency, Franconia, MN. Awards include the Helen A. Thrush Scholarship at UNC-Greensboro and the Kadis Studio Art Graduate Scholarship.

Artist Statement:
My ​​work ​​creates ​​exchange,​​ dialogue,​​ and ​​inclusion.​​ Participation​​ of ​​other ​​parties is ​​key ​​in ​​rendering​​ the​​ work ​​possible. ​​I ​​draw​​ on ​​the ​​traditions ​​of​​ performance ​​art​​ and social​​ practice ​​in ​​contextualizing​​ my​​ artwork. ​​Economic​​ transaction ​​is ​​a ​​dominant theme, ​​and​ ​the ​​use ​​of ​​coffee ​​as ​​a ​​commodity​​ product​​ is​​ a​ manifestation ​​of ​​the exchanges ​​that​​ take​​ place.​​


Oami Powers, Pony Puts Us in a Trance


Oami Powers

Regional Emerging Artist in Residence
Studio 215A
January-July 2018

Oami Powers is a designer and artist raised in California & New Zealand who now calls Raleigh, NC home. Her clothing designs have been sold in boutiques across the country and been featured in InStyle, Southern Living, the News & Observer and the IndyWeek. She now creates art in a variety of media and works with the design innovators and creative troublemakers over at Designbox.

Artist Statement:
I​​ am​ ​an ​​​artist ​​raised ​​in​​ California​​ & ​​New ​​Zealand​​ who​ ​now ​​calls​​ Raleigh​​ home.​​​ I​ ​designed clothing ​​and​​ textiles ​​for ​​many​​ years,​​ selling ​​my​​ designs ​​in​​ boutiques​​ across​​ the ​​country.​​ That experience ​​is ​​evident​​ in ​​my​​ use​​ of​​ repetitive​​ pattern,​​ graphic​​ elements​​ and​​ surface manipulations. I’m​​ currently ​​developing ​​two​​ related ​​bodies​​ of​​ work,​​ both​​ of​​ which​​ are​​ vibrant,​​ colorful​​ and intricately ​​patterned. The​​ first ​​is ​​a ​​series ​​of​​ masks​​ cut ​​from​​ birch ​​panel. ​​Though​​ the ​​pieces ​​start​​ out ​​as ​​portraits ​​of friends,​​ like ​​a ​​magpie​​ I​​ collect ​​pieces​​ of​​ memory,​​ cultural​​ references ​​and​​ motifs ​​from ​​older ​​work weave​​ them ​​together ​​creating ​​a​​ dream-like ​​composite.​​ The​​ faces​​ are​​ rendered ​​in ​​a ​​faceted, almost​​ crystalline​​ way​​ and ​​highlighted​​ by ​​areas​​ of​​ flat​​ graphic ​​pattern. ​​The​​ shape​​ is ​​also fractured, ​​inspired ​​by ​​Victorian​​ style ​​paper​​ party​​ masks​​ which ​​cover​​ the​​ top​​ half ​​of ​​the ​​face. The​​ second ​​is​​ a​​ series​​ of ​​3D ​​painted​​ paper​​ pieces, ​​which ​​are​​ more ​​process​​ oriented. ​​A​​ simple iconic​​ heart​​ shape​​ is​​ transformed ​​into ​​a​​ complex ​​pleated ​​or ​​woven​​ form​​ using​​ traditional​​ apparel patternmaking​​ techniques​​ of ​​slashing ​​and ​​spreading.