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Artspace is committed to increasing accessibility and broadening access to the arts; we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the creative process. Everyone is welcome at Artspace. 

If you have an accommodation you would like to request for an upcoming program or exhibition, have a suggestion about our accessibility, or if you have a question about our accessibility, please contact Brett Morris, Program Coordinator at 919.821.2787 or bmorris@artspacenc.org.

When visiting Artspace:


The closest parking lot to Artspace is located at 228 E Martin St, Raleigh, NC 27601. From there, it is a short walk south to Davie Street and a two block walk west to the main entrance of Artspace.

Bus Stops:

The closest bus stop to Artspace is located on Blount Street in front of Dollar General Express. From there it is a short walk across Blount Street to the main entrance of Artspace, which is located on Davie Street. From the GoRaleigh Station, it is a two block walk south along Blount Street and a half-block walk east along Davie Street to the main entrance of Artspace.

Drop off:

The easiest (and least busy) curb cut is located at the corner of Blake St. and Davie St. There is a closer curb cut entrance to Artspace at the NE corner of the intersection of Davie St. and Blount St. There is also the option to get dropped off (no curb cut). There is a loading zone with a raised curb directly in front of the entrance to Artspace. Cabs can drop off there, but be cautioned that there is no curb cut.

Artspace Social Narrative

Click to download our Social Narrative.

Accessibility Resources

At the Front Desk

  • One wheelchair available
  • One guided listening device with audio descriptions for select exhibitions is available. Check out with a valid state-issued ID.
  • A printed version of the artwork audio descriptions can be requested.
  • Two pairs of Enchroma glasses (for visitors with colorblindness) are available. Check out with a valid state-issued ID. Please note: Enchroma glasses do not correct for all forms of colorblindness.

In the Galleries

  • One bench is located in each gallery space to view the exhibitions while seated.
  • Exhibition signage uses large font, high contrast, and a flat finish for persons with low vision.
  • All artwork labels are printed in 24pt Arial font in black on a white background.
  • Large Print Gallery Guides are available with all exhibitions.
  • All Large Print Gallery Guides are linked via QR code to a digital copy that can be read with a screen reader.
  • Printed audio transcripts are displayed with all applicable video installations.

In the Building

  • One bench is located in the lobby to the right of the front entrance.
  • The building is equipped with an elevator that goes between the 1st and 2nd floors to better access artists studios, classrooms and galleries.
  • One bench is located at the top of the stairs on the second floor.
  • All restrooms in the building accommodate people with disabilities.
  • A quiet area is located on the first floor in the Education Room. Please see the front desk attendant for access to the space.
  • All studios have signage, including Braille lettering, for people with low or no vision.
  • Wayfinding signage uses large fonts, high contrast, and a flat finish for persons with low vision.
  • All artwork labels are printed in 24pt Arial font.
  • A compendium of Regional Emerging Artists in Residence is available near the residency studios. Each page is printed in 24pt Arial font in black on a white background. QR codes in the upper right hand corners of each page link to digital copies that can be read with a screen reader.
  • Service animals are welcome.
  • Guided tours can be arranged in advance by emailing tmcgee@artspacenc.org
  • ASL interpretation for our exhibitions and special events can be arranged by emailing bmorris@artspacenc.org

Artspace is part of the Arts Leaning Community for Universal Access to collaborate, advocate for and improve access to the arts for people with disabilities. This collective is funded in part by the City of Raleigh Arts Commission and the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County.