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Regional Emerging Artists In Residence

As their six-month residency comes to a close, Director of Artistic Programs, Annah Lee spoke with Regional Emerging Artists in Residence, Oami Powers and Julia Caston, about their experience.

We are delighted that Oami will be staying on as a tenant artist in studio 103, and Julia will be just up the road at Anchorlight as their newest Brightwork Fellow. Be sure to check out Julia’s upcoming performance, Impulse Control, with artist Harriet Hoover, Saturday June 30 at 7pm in the Artspace lobby and visit both artists on July 6 for their final First Friday as Artists in Residence.

Trophy for oamie StudyBlewAKissAndTriedToTakeItHome

AL: How would you describe the Artspace residency experience?

JC: My experience has been a time to focus my attention and hone in on my practice, especially in the area of sculpture and performance.

OP:The Artspace residency experience has been overwhelmingly positive. I immediately felt welcomed by the Artspace community of artists and staff who have generously shared their time and invaluable wisdom. Having a studio space and dedicated/scheduled time to work has enriched my art practice and sharing what I do with people has increased my confidence and determination to continue to build my career.

AL: Describe your process and some of the work you have produced in residence. In what ways has the Artspace residency impacted your work?

JC: I am working on a series, “Trophies for Artists,” in which I create a trophy for a self-identified artist if they buy me a coffee and talk to me. So far I have made 52 trophies over the course of 3 years, and I made 10 at Artspace. These trophies take the form of idiosyncratic sculptures. See images of past trophies here: http://juliacastonart.com/Trophies-for-Artists. Artspace has been really important in this regard because it gave me the space I needed to make my work. I also used First Fridays as a performance incubator in which I created interactive work. For instance, I created the Oracle Machine, in which I made a contraption that is two boxes, connected by a tube, covered in fabric and lights. I wear one box on my head, and a participant wears the other box on their head, and we talk through the tube and I give them advice as an oracle. People tell me all sorts of things. Finally, it has been great getting to know the other regional emerging artist, Oami Powers. We regularly chat and give each other advice and I am happy to have a made a friend.


OP:Experimentation and exploration! When I started the residency I was making mixed media pieces on panel and paper. I’ve been drawing A LOT, and playing around with painting with oil and gouache.


AL: What has been a stand out moment of the residency?

JC: Using First Fridays as an incubator for my interactive projects.

OP:Getting to know my fellow resident Julia Caston, who is an amazing human. And selling a piece to a stranger on First Friday

AL: What’s your advice to other artists interested in the program?

JC: Take advantage of First Fridays and get to know the other Regional Emerging Artist Resident.

OP: Make the most of every moment of the residency, six months seems like a long time but it goes by so quickly.
Julia Harriet Performance

About Annah Lee

Annah Lee is the Director of Artistic Programs at Artspace.

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