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CSA Artist Spotlight: Kenia Brea

Introducing the Artspace CSA, a new way to buy local and support artists. Eight Artspace member artists were selected to participate in our first CSA. Each will produce a series of 50 works of art; the resulting 50 shares of the CSA contain one work of art from each artist. Find out more about each of the participating CSA artists in this series.

Artist Kenia BreaHow long have you been a member?

I have been a member since last summer, a few weeks after I moved to North Carolina with my family.

How and When did you know you were an artist? 

At 28, I had a lot of stress at work, I used to work at an insurance company, and my sister suggested that I take an art workshop, there I discovered that I had some talent, but I did not identify with art, or anything related to it; nevertheless, I could not detach myself from it since it awoke challenges and a sense of uneasiness that motivated me to take a few private classes. I got married at 30 and left my job to be a homemaker, and when both my children went to the school, I started to assist as a guest student at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Fine Arts School). I took some classes and my passion grew, after that, I’ve participated in the International Programs at the Altos de Chavón School of Design, which is affiliated with the Parsons School of Design of New York.

Tell us about your process:

For me, the subject the topic at hand is very critical for the process, I am a multidisciplinary artist and am open to learning any technique in order to express what I need to. In the process, both as support and for personal satisfaction, I do an exhaustive research about the subject that I will be working on, no matter how superficial or mundane it might seem. I execute a main idea and experiment in other materials creating 3D art-objects that relate to it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.03.55 AM

What can shareholders expect from your contribution?

Water medium (ink, acrylic or mixing both) drawings, 6”x 6” on Arches watercolor paper.

What does being a part of the CSA mean to you? 

It means a lot, because I come from a country where things are obtained through influence peddling, being part of the CSA gave me confidence in myself. Also having the opportunity to interact directly with people in the community and those who like art is priceless for artists. The CSA creates an empathic connection between me and those who identify with me or with those who can channel their feelings or concerns through my work.

What do you hope to get out of this experience? 

More opportunities to create art full time because I firmly believe in the power of art, that it makes us better human beings.

Tell us something about yourself that may surprise people:

Although before being 28 I had no contact with the arts, nor the classic materials used in it, because I come from a very poor and primitive region of my country, I was always involved in handicrafts and curious. I specialized in embroidery and textile manipulation, I became a flower maker and an international bridal accessory designer for the prestigious Kleinfeld Bridal New York, for several years.


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