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CSA Artist Spotlight: Allison Tierney

Introducing the Artspace CSA, a new way to buy local and support artists. Eight Artspace member artists were selected to participate in our first CSA. Each will produce a series of 50 works of art; the resulting 50 shares of the CSA contain one work of art from each artist. Find out more about each of the participating CSA artists in this series.

Allison TierneyHow long have you been an Artspace member? I am a new member—I became a member when I was selected for the CSA. I think it’s a great way to branch out into the community and to create roots in a place.

How and when did you know you were an artist? I’ve been making things forever, and I’ve always been interested in anything I could make with my hands. I remember being a kid and getting those sand kits. My dad did construction and I would always want to work with him on the weekends when I was a kid—I just loved making things with my hands. I think that’s what in-stilled the desire to create in me.

Tell us a little bit about your process: I usually make large panels and I create waste naturally so I was looking for a way to introduce it back into the work. I have these collections of paints, fabrics, and scraps that I am using to make these newer pieces. Sometimes I cut fabric off the edge of a panel, sometimes I scrape the paint off my pallet, sometimes there are other extra pieces. My process for piecing them back together is intuitive—laying something down, reacting to that, maybe adding a brush stroke or two.


What can shareholders expect from your contribution to the CSA? They can expect a one of a kind collage on a hand-made panel made out of remnants of my other work—new lives of past work. They can expect color, shape, and line to play a role through a variety of materials.

Allison Tierney Artwork

What does being a part of the CSA mean to you? It’s really nice to feel supported by the community in what you’re doing. Being able to get your art out to the community is a pretty amazing thing as well—it lets me keep doing what I want to do.

What do you hope to get out of this experience? I hope to make connections with new potential buyers of my work, meeting other artists I could collaborate or show with in the future. Getting my work in people’s homes is really exciting. I’ve started collecting a gallery of images of my work in people’s homes.

Tell us something about yourself that people may be surprised to know: I work on a farm in Pittsboro a few days a week with their Community Supported Agriculture Program.


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