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CSA Artist Spotlight: Sue Soper

Introducing the Artspace CSA, a new way to buy local and support artists. Eight Artspace member artists were selected to participate in our first CSA. Each will produce a series of 50 works of art; the resulting 50 shares of the CSA contain one work of art from each artist. Find out more about each of the participating CSA artists in this series.

SueHow long have you been an Artspace member? I have been an Artspace member for 8 years, and I have been in the studio for 7.

How and when did you become an artist? I think in middle school. Thinking back, I drew forever, but I grew up with creative grandparents. They taught us how to crochet and knit, so I think the creative side was always there. I took as many art classes as I could in middle school and high school, went to college for graphic design, but I didn’t find printmaking until we were living in Wyoming.

Tell us a little bit about your process. I do waterless lithography. The process is planographic, which means there’s no cutting or scraping from to change the surface from non-image to image. I draw all-original images (usually based on people I know) on aluminum plates. I process it with silicone to prevent the non-image from showing. Once I have finished the first plate, I plan the next two plates – it’s easier to do from there. I usually include 12 plates in an image, but for the CSA I plan on using two plates.

What can shareholders expect from your contribution to the CSA? The image will be of a singular person with some color in the image. Each share will be part of a limited run of prints. I will include care instructions as well as a description of my creation process.


What does being a part of the CSA mean to you? I hope for my prints to reach a larger audience of people that have not experienced printmaking. This is just one piece of the huge printmaking umbrella.

What do you hope to get out of this experience? I’m hoping this will raise awareness of hand printing. There’s such confusion out there: education is definitely one thing I hope to provide to the shareholders.

Tell us something about yourself that people may be surprised to know. I like to play disc golf, I like to garden, I like to explore new places – particularly junk stores. I love junk stores.


About Brett Morris

Brett is the Programs Assistant at Artspace, Inc. He graduated from NC State University in 2013 with a BA in Art + Design and has years of experience in helping to run a summer arts program, having been a counselor and a coordinator at the Design Camp at CAM Raleigh and NCSU. He is also a skilled photographer, graphic designer, screen printer, and has organized and installed exhibitions.

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