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Jaimie Warren: I Just Called to Say I Love You


I Just Called to Say I Love You is the culmination of Jaimie Warren’s month-long PNC Pop-In residency in the Upfront Gallery. The project transforms Boticelli’s Renaissance masterpiece, Primavera, into a cacophony of color, sound, and pop cultural imagery. Set to Stevie Wonder’s 1984 hit of the same name, the video takes the viewer on a bizarre ride through Warren’s re-imagining of Botticelli’s famous scene.

Warren’s vision was realized with the help of many dedicated volunteers from the Raleigh community. Over the course of several weeks, volunteers worked to build the set, props, and costumes and finally performed in a rigorous two-day shoot to create the final video on view through July 25, 2015.





Special thanks to all collaborating artists and performers:
Julia Bittle, Sophia Blake, Mrs. Boisvert & Mrs. Bunn’s third grade classes at Olds Elementary School, Magara Boisvert, Blaire Callaghan, Sandra Castro, Kara Chaney, Jenika Cool, Grace Deadmore, Ryan Finch, Hannah Frederick, Peter Frederick, Lily Gaddis, Katie Gunter, Betsy Jones, Mary Kay Kennedy, Annah Lee, Carla Moreno, Brett Morris, Hope Newell, Ingrid Norval, Anna Podris, Dana Porter, Logan Powers, Raleigh ACT, Daniel Rim, David Rios, Luis Rios, Marisa Rosa, Pete Sack, Tori Sears, Keegan Story, Leslie Ward, Michelle Ward, Naoko Wowsugi, Angela Zappala, Maddalena Zappala

Extra special thanks to: Erin Gebbia, Lead Production Assistant

Thank you to PNC Bank & PNC Foundation for making this possible.


About Brett Morris

Brett is the Programs Assistant at Artspace, Inc. He graduated from NC State University in 2013 with a BA in Art + Design and has years of experience in helping to run a summer arts program, having been a counselor and a coordinator at the Design Camp at CAM Raleigh and NCSU. He is also a skilled photographer, graphic designer, screen printer, and has organized and installed exhibitions.

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