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Meet our Summer Artist-in-Residence!

Leslie Vigeant, Selfie, watercolor on paper

Leslie Vigeant, Selfie, watercolor on paper

We can’t wait till this year’s Summer Artist-in-Residence, Leslie Vigeant, arrives from the west coast. Recently I asked her a few questions, so we can get to know her a bit before she arrives.

Q: What caused you to switch from oil painting to watercolors?

I want to elevate the position of watercolor as an artistic medium. Watercolor is frequently viewed as hobbyist, sketchy, and lesser-then oil, or even acrylic. But despite this stigma, it can be a challenging material to work with. When painting with oils I always used a watercolor approach, lots of linseed and liquin to add transparency to the paint. I thought if I switched to watercolor, I would not only push myself technically as a artist, but could also use this opportunity to translate digital or graphic visuals onto a traditionally under appreciated art form.

Q: What are you most looking forward to when you are a resident artist in Raleigh for a month?

phew! I am looking forward the most to the opportunity to bask in an immersive studio practice. 

Q: Could you share something about yourself with us (need not be art-related) that may be unexpected or many people wouldn’t know?

I record almost all of my dreams. I really believe in the connectivity of the conscious and unconscious self. I am always seeking to discover the symbolism in my sleeping narratives. (I also read my horoscope every day).

Leslie will be here from June 30 to August 1. You can meet her at the July and August First Fridays (July 4 and August 1, 6 to 10 pm). Stay tuned for the hours you can find her working in Gallery One as well!

Also, check out the classes Leslie will be teaching while she’s here! http://artspacenc.org/classes-education/adult/

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