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Want to see your child’s art on display at First Friday?

Detail, Plans, Subplans, & Overlays, VAE Cube, mixed media, 2012.

Lauren W. Kenendy, detail, Plans, Subplans, & Overlays, VAE Cube, mixed media, 2012.

On Saturday, October 26, children in 3rd – 5th grades can take a three-hour installation art class with Lauren W. Kennedy. In the class, “Building Worlds,” students will work together in a special part of our historic building, and the resulting work of art will be on display at our November First Friday Gallery Walk!

Unsure about what installation art is, or why children could have a blast learning how to make it? I chatted recently with Lauren so I could share her ideas with you:

How would you define installation art to an eight-year old child?

It’s kind of the same idea as building a fort in your living room, but lots of people will see it. When you build a fort, you use the furniture, blankets and whatever else you can find to build your own hideout.

I like to think of installation art as using things that you find nearby or outside and putting them together in an interesting and fun way to make a new space.

How old were you when you realized that you would become a visual artist?

I was pretty old – 22 or so! I had always liked making things and working with my hands. I took a drawing class in college, and from that point on I just couldn’t get enough art classes or art making.  My dream job would probably be Professional Art Student!

Tell me about your attraction to old, derelict things.

The human element is much more evident in old objects. They are often imperfectly made and more irregular. I like things that are worn or have patina because their layers reveal some history. Stains or scratches can stir your imagination, and you can think up a whole back story for an old spool of thread or piece of cloth.

Anything else that you think potential students should know before they take your class?

Come ready to experiment and put simple things together in unusual ways to make something cool.

For details on the Saturday class, visit our website.

Lauren W. Kennedy has a MFA in Painting and Drawing from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. She earned her BA in French Language and Literature from UNC-Chapel Hill. She has taken multiple workshops at the Penland School of Crafts in Penland, NC. Kennedy teaches art at the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham. Her recent exhibitions include Plans, Subplans, Overlays with Kiki Farish at the Cube, Visual Art Exchange, in Raleigh, and Notions at the Antfarm Studio in Raleigh, and she was honored with a Regional Emerging Artist Project Grant by the United Arts Council in 2010.

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