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Meet Intern Jillian!

It’s hard to believe that today is the final day of the Artspace Summer Arts Program (ASAP). It’s been a great eight weeks! In addition to our staff, the program was made possible by our ASAP Manager, Alissa Pollack; our morning intern, Jillian Ohl; and our afternoon intern, Ginny Niver. We asked Jillian to share with us her experience as our morning intern this summer. Check out what she said, below!

Jillian Ohl, Bear Drawing

Drawing by Jillian Ohl

A Summer Day with Morning Intern Jillian

I first learned about Artspace when I joined a friend during a First Friday two years ago. I am so glad I did because now I am a part of a great facility and had a blast being the morning intern for the Artspace Summer Arts Program!

7:50 am - I arrive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to Artspace. During this time, I crack open the caffeine and begin checking in students for the day. I make it a personal challenge to learn (almost) every student’s name each week…I’ve been pretty darn proud of my success rate.

9:30 am – This is when I begin running up and down the stairs. Artspace is run on creativity and sweat (at that time of day, mostly sweat). I run between classrooms to gather random supplies needed for the day. Our experienced instructors have a wide range of supplies they request for their classes, and it’s my job to fetch them from our supply closet (which deserves a blog post by itself). I now know the multiple artistic purposes of rice paper, gel medium, Tyvek envelopes, panty hose, wire hangers, duct tape, baby socks…the list goes on.

10:15 am - By this time, the kids are having their snacks and the teachers have received all needed supplies, so this is my play time! How could I recommend ASAP to others if I didn’t test the product? I’ve learned how to screen print, batik, felt, stencil, and make silly pop-up frogs. This also gives me an opportunity to hang out with the kids and encourage them to artistically express themselves as much as possible. The high schoolers are usually the least impressed with my dorky enthusiasm, understandably so.


Wishful Thinking
Drawing by Jillian Ohl

11:30 am – Zoe’s Kitchen arrives with the day’s lunches! I check each lunch to make sure that students get the right meals and make sure that there’s nothing crazy going on with their chicken fingers. Meanwhile, the kids begin cleaning up their messes, and this is prime time for spilled paint accidents. It’s easy to find the culprit when there are colorful footprints leading straight to the scene of the crime…which sometimes turns out to be me. Whoopsie!

12:00 pm – Time for lunch! I pass out the lunches and usually hear complaints about how mom ordered tuna salad. And after lunch that typically concludes my day. I say goodbye to the kids and make sure there is not some type of crisis (mainly the crisis would be involving tuna salad).

From there on, Intern Jillian walks the two blocks to where I have found secret, free all day downtown parking! And I continue to sweat in the North Carolina heat.

This summer has been such a great experience. I am excited to set up for Family Fun Day, which is our ASAP art exhibition party (Saturday August 24, 12:30-3pm). I will be doing a mixture of face painting, crafting, and participating in general shenanigans. Make sure you come check out our students’ amazing artwork! They truly never cease to amaze me with their talent and creativity. Each day I leave feeling more inspired than the last.


Jillian Ohl is a senior Art+Design Major in the College of Design at NC State University.

intern jillian

Intern Jillian!


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