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Summer Arts Program: Talking with Jaydn

The Summer Arts Program is in full swing here at Artspace! We’re hitting our stride, and are close to being halfway through our eight sessions. During Session 2, I had the chance to sit down and talk with Jaydn, a rising 6th grader. See what Jaydn had to say about his week here at Artspace:

What classes did you take?

In the morning I took Magnificent Multiples [taught by printmaker Sue Soper] and in the afternoon I was in the Hump Molds class [instructed by ceramicist Tanya Casteel].

What were some things that you learned in your Hump Molds class?

Jaydn painting his Luigi pot

Jaydn painting his Luigi pot

I learned how to use molds to create different things out of clay. The molds were cool because if you put the clay in/on them, it would become that shape.

After we put the clay on the mold, we let them dry. Next, we got to add decorations. We could do whatever we wanted! I made a cartoon character, Luigi [from Nintendo’s Mario Bros.and Super Mario Bros.]!

How did you go about making a print in the Magnificent Multiples class?

Waterless Lithography print by Jaydn

Waterless Lithography print by Jaydn

We made waterless lithography and relief linoleum prints. I thought it was cool to learn how to take a drawing and put it on a new piece of paper, and I liked that I could make multiples of one of my drawings.

With waterless lithography, we first made a drawing. We used graphite paper to transfer the drawing to a metal plate, and then, we used a special printmaking pencil to shade in the picture. We covered the plate with a layer of silicone [this creates an invisible stencil], and the class volunteer heated them up on a pancake griddle! When they were cool, we washed the drawing off the plate with soybean oil. Then, we rolled ink onto the plate with a brayer [similar to a paint roller you’d paint your house with, but much smaller and with the roller generally made out of rubber] and ran it through the etching press onto our nice printing paper.

For the relief linoleum prints, we also started by making a drawing. We got our drawings onto soft linoleum blocks using the graphite paper again. Next, we colored everything either black or white (no greys!) with a sharpie. We cut out all the whites with a linoleum cutter, and then rolled the block with black ink. We used a bookbinding press to print the blocks onto different colored paper.

Relief lithography print by Jaydn

Relief lithography print by Jaydn

What were some of your favorite things you made?

I like the Luigi pot I made in Tanya’s class. Luigi is from a game I really like, and I like that it’s a jar that I can use and put things in.

My horse prints are also some of my favorites. I like drawing horses because they can run fast.

Why do you think these classes are important?

So that you can learn different techniques that you may not learn in school.

Did you have fun?

Yeah, I had lots of fun!



About hcostner

Hannah Costner is the program assistant at Artspace. Previously, she worked for three years with the Raleigh Arts Commission managing the Block Gallery. She received her BA in studio art from Meredith College, Raleigh in 2009.

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